Tuesday, January 8, 2008

like a willow

1. Psalm 1

Our first day of readings includes a great encouragement from Psalms. The psalmist contrasts the person who walks with the wicked and stands in the way of sinners and sits in the seat of mockers with the one who delights in the law of the Lord and spends time in that Law everyday. The person who spends time in the Word of God is like a tree planted by streams of water. The wicked are blown around like the dead part of plants when the wind blows.

People who know a lot about plants and trees know that there are certain trees that cannot be planted in certain areas. I really like weeping willow trees, you know the ones that droop over to the ground? They are beautiful. The experts say that you shouldn't plant those near your home because their root system will dig down into the ground and into your septic system and plumbing. So the only place they should be planted is near the edge of a lake or stream where they can grow their roots down toward the body of water. Their root system naturally seeks out water with veracity so intense that it will mess up plumbing, break up sidewalks, or anything to get to water.

May God give us the same intensity for Him and His word this year as we dig down into this living water. Like a willow.

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