Tuesday, January 15, 2008

how majestic

8. Psalm 8

Last night as I was making my way home, I crossed the James River on the M&M bridge. As I looked to the west over the river there was a fantastic sunset just about to close out the day. I guess everyone feels this way about where they live, but I have a real affinity for this part of eastern Virginia.

I love the Atlantic ocean on a warm day in June. I love the azaleas and the blooming Japanese cherry trees in early spring. I love that the whole area shuts down when we get a couple inches of snow. I love the crisp air and colors of leaves in the fall. I love to leave the window open in the spring so I can see the Dogwood blooms as I wake up. I love when it is time to clean off the porch so we can have dinner there. I love when I have to bundle up just to go out and start my car. I love to smell the river when I go out on a summer night. I love to hear the birds sing and the squirrels playing. I love to smell the burning of a fireplace during the cold days of winter. I love to see a carrier coming home to Hampton Roads. I love to play golf until eight o'clock in July. But the thing I love the most is seeing the sun setting over the James River. Every time I see or hear or smell the things of this creation my heart sings this Psalm:

"O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!"

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