Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the world waking up

50. Matthew 21:12-22

For the last several days it has been pretty warm here in Virginia. I love Spring in Virginia. The cherry trees bloom first then the dogwoods and azaleas. People come outside more often. It is my favorite time of year. I like Fall, but I love the Spring.

One of the things I love about Spring is the celebration of Easter. Yesterday and today our reading in Matthew began the Passion week. Jesus enters Jerusalem in the same way that a conquering king would and the people fall all over themselves to show him honor. Jesus immediately goes to the Temple and stirs things up. He turns over the money changers tables and calls them thieves. This gets the attention of the religious teachers who were probably skimming from the profits of the money lenders. The final week of Jesus life before the crucifixion is filled with confrontation with these Jewish leaders.

Reading these passages is like waking up to the flowers of a dogwood tree outside our bedroom window. It is like getting out to cut the grass for the first time of the year. Easter is coming, Spring is on its way. Out with the old, cold winter and in with the new growth of Spring. Is there any question that God planned Jesus death, burial and resurrection to happen in the Spring? I guess it is not Spring everywhere in the world, but for us, thank-you God.

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