Tuesday, December 11, 2007

e.s.a.u. thread two

Post comments, discussion points, and thoughts as you read through this book. From this thread our nightly discussion will be fashioned.


secondjohnvs12 said...

picked up this book yesterday, and read the first chapter and half of the second. so far it looks like this one will be very good. It also looks like a good compliment to 'Jim and Casper' since this looks at a much larger cross section of 'outsiders' than just Casper's opinion.

Levi said...

I am really impressed with this book one of those I picked up opened and really haven't put down. I appreciate not only the fact that he gives us the criticism but makes suggestions of how we got there and what we may be able to do about it. I think this book is shaping up to be a great read about the state of Christianity in America. Our youth minister picked it up and read a little and got his feelings hurt and stopped reading it. I have been challenged by it.

David said...

Levi, maybe your youth minister got offended because it hit a little too close to home.

Josh said...

Topic for discussion:
The whole hypocrisy topic. I was fascinated with the two extremes that lead to "outsiders" viewing Christians as hypocrites. (1) The older generations "keeping" a strict code of "have-tos" -vs- (2) The younger generations living with moral laxity.
Being from different areas and church make-ups, I would like to apply this to the churches we serve.

Josh said...

As anyone else extremely overwhelmed after reading the "Get Saved" chapter?
Since only 6% of adults "can" be reached!!!
Can this chapter be used as hard evidence to get each of us a raise?

Josh said...

I am under the belief that I am the only one who read this book first?!?!?!?!